A Letter to the Father of Brock Turner


Mr. Dan A. Turner, While we know very little about you, we all know of your son and the vile crime he committed in January 2015. You may not have been present at the crime scene but, as indicated by your statement in court, you have contributed to your son’s actions. Truthfully I do not how you sleep at night; but there are a few things that I do know.

Women are strong. Your son’s victim will move on from this awful crime. However, your son will not. He will be forever labeled as a cowardly man who refused to take responsibility for his disgusting actions. He has failed his victim once again and you sir have failed your son. As parents it is our job to hold our children accountable. We have to teach them that there are consequences to our actions. You have taught your son that armed with enough money and privilege, you can get away with anything. You have ripped open the wounds of victims of sexual abuse around the world.
Throughout the past few days I have had snapshots in my mind about the things many women have experienced throughout the course of their lives that you could not possibly understand. 
And so Mr. Turner, If you have a daughter… I hope she never has to come to you for support and shelter from domestic violence.
If you have a wife…I hope she never looks to you for advice for how to shatter that glass ceiling that has been holding back so many women from fulfilling their dreams.

If you have a woman employee…I hope she never has to look to you for sympathy while dealing with postpartum depression from having to leave her baby and return to work too soon. 

These are real, unjust issues. The consequences of your son’s actions are just that; they are not harsh and unfair. He has to register as a sex offender because he IS a sex offender. And although you were not on trial, you are guilty as well; guilty of perpetuating the status of rape culture in our society. 
Given the circumstances and your son’s lenient sentence you may think yourself victorious. This could not be farther from the truth. You see Mr. Turner, even with your money, lies, and twisted morals you have not won. You have done the opposite of what you set out to do. You have proven that yes, 20 minutes can define a person’s life.