Rainy day, stuck-in-the-house activities


Since most of us on the east coast have spent the weekend indoors due to storms, I thought I would post some ideas to keep the little ones entertained. I am constantly searching for new ways to keep my (almost) 2 year old entertained and attempt to keep Mommy’s sanity somewhat in tact. Most of these activites can be done with materials from around the house or with a quick trip to the dollar store!

One of my favorite activities do do with my toddler is painting. Most of you are probably thinking I’m crazy but it really is an excellent, developmentally appropriate activity. Yes, it gets messy but mamas need to embrace the mess every now and again! Painting can get a little monotonous if your child paints often so get creative! Painting doesn’t have to be done with brushes, you can paint with just about anything. Here are a few of our favorites.

Cotton swabs or Q-tips

Paper towel rolls

Bath loofas or sponges

Sensory Play 

Another fun activity for toddlers is sensory play! It’s so simple to put together a sensory bin and kids LOVE it. This activity is best done in the kitchen or on an easy-to-clean floor. Here are 2 ideas.

Rice or oats

I added some plastic spoons and cups. I also hid some foam letters and my daughter had to dig through and find them. We started out with the letters in her name.

Cloud Dough

(8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil or vegetable oil)

This one tends to be a bit messier. As you can see my little one decided to put her feet in!

Fine Motor Activity

This was a life saver while we were getting our taxes done. All you need is some craft sticks (Popsicle sticks) and an empty water bottle.

Sticky Art

All you need is contact paper and anything that will stick to it. Tape the contact paper to the wall sticky side up (I use painter’s tape). Let your child create a picture with tissue paper and other items.

Tape Creations

This activity happened by accident. I was taping her paper down for another activity and she decided she wanted to play with the tape. I ripped the tape into smaller pieces and she went to town!

Enjoy these activities and send me some feedback! Hopefully these will make the rainy days a little less daunting….if not, there’s always wine.


Don’t forget to embrace the mess!