Mommy Blog? Maybe….


A few months ago I mentioned to one of my friends that I wanted to start a blog. She replied, “Oh, like a mommy blog”. I wasn’t sure how to respond. My first reaction was to feel a little defensive. Of course my blog would be more than that! I mean, I’m more than just a mom. My blog would be ecclectic. It would be a way for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings on various topics with whomever wanted to listen.

Flash forward a few months and 2 of my 3 posts to date have been mommy-related. I spent some time thinking about the topics that I want to write about in my blog. At the heart of many of these posts was my role as a mother. At this realization it might be easy to neatly tuck my blog into the mommy category. And truthfully that would be perfectly fine.

I still stand by my previous statement; I am more than a mom. I have a career in the field of early childhood, about which I am very passionate. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. However at the moment, my role as a mother is infinitely more important than anything else in my life.

I have realized that in life we go through many seasons. In this season of my life I am raising a young child. This task takes up most of the space in my heart and mind. It only makes sense that my writing would reflect that.

Women go through a tremendous transformation when becoming a mother. The emotions are indescribable. I would try to elaborate but I would never do it justice. Aside from the awe of bringing a tiny person into the world, women are ushered into the greatest sisterhood in existence, motherhood. It is a bond like no other. Of course there are the dreaded “mommy wars” but those mostly stem from each one of us wanting to do the best we can for our little ones. We panic when we feel we might not be doing as well as someone else because we know our precious babies deserve the best. This is part of the complexity of motherhood. However, as difficult as it can be at times, I often feel that my life has actually become simpler. My little family of three (or tripod as we like to call it) is my world. My husband and baby are my priority. There is no question about what comes first in my life. This is not to say that I do not care about other aspects. My family, friends, career, and hobbies just add to blessings in my life.

So yes, much of my writing will delve into my journey through motherhood. Will there be other topics? Of course! My writing is an outlet, so I will be blogging about whatever is in my heart. However, if you would like to give me the title of “Mommy Blogger” I would consider it an honor!